Fortune Star - Green Card

Getting a green card in USA has never been so easy right?

But here’s a completely new and the fastest way to acquire green card for you and your entire family

in just 1 years’ time.


Invest in apartments with Sternon Real Estate and get a green card for you and dependents below the age of 21.

Sternon is building 250 apartments to employ 400 people and get green cards for 40 families. The project is limited for 40 lucky families only.


These 2BHK with 2 & ½ bath apartments are located near Disney World in Kissimmee in Florida, USA. Kissimmee is well known for its high rental income as it is located in a very attractive tourist destination spot which is “Disney World”.

Apartment and the green card, both come to you in one amazing price.


Tourist’s attractions in Kissimmee , Florida:

  1. Magic Kingdom Park is 8 minutes; and Hollywood studio is just 6 minutes from the apartments.
  2. Blizzard beach and animal kingdom are about 10-15 minutes away respectively.

Layout Plans