Fortune Star by Sternon Real Estate Group: Invest in this 150 Million Dollar Project Near Disney World and Get a Green Card

Fortune Star by Sternon Real Estate Group: Invest in this 150 Million Dollar Project Near Disney World and Get a Green Card

sternon group's fortune star providing green card

Walt Disney World, also known as Disney World or Magic Kingdom, is the “most magical place on earth” where every person is transported to a land of wonder, splendor and enchantment. Being the most visited vacation resort in the world with an average annual attendance of more than 50 million visitors, Disney World plays an essential role as the driving force in Florida’s growth in tourism. With an exceptional combination of world-class amenities, attractions and leisurely communities, Disney World is a masterfully designed themed amusement park that is recognized as the “king of all theme parks” in the world.

Covering approximately 40 square miles of property, Disney World is an all-encompassing destination by the Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista in Florida, United States near the cities of Orlando and Kissimmee. Comprising of four theme parks, two water parks, twenty-seven themed resort hotels, nine non-Disney hotels, outdoor shopping centers, several golf courses, a camping resort, numerous entertainment venues and a number of developments which are yet to be established in the near future, Disney World is continually expanding and remarkably catering to the needs and wants of all its sightseers and local residents.

Imagine if one not only visited Disney World but lived near there, how wonderful life would be. Entering the Magic Kingdom, one is captivated by its surrounding grandeur but living near there would be a dreamlike spectacle. 365 days of breathtaking waterfront views and beautiful fireworks. Envision being amidst lush greenery and tourist attractions. Visualize a future where the spread flourishes and reserves grow each day. Envisage a life near Disney World where magic meets reality. One can forget all their worries and enjoy their days to the fullest. From a happy greeting to a thrilling ride, every day is part of an unmatchable and unforgettable Disney experience.

To be part of Disney World would be a “dream come true”. Creating a “whole new world”, They succeeded in their ambition of constructing a property where all the comforts are right at the fingertips of the residents and sightseers. Fortune Star is the latest 150 Million Dollar venture by Sternon Group just a few steps away from Disney World which gives every individual the golden opportunity of securing a Green Card not only for oneself but for the whole family. As an outstanding residential property, Fortune Star by Sternon Real Estate Group proves to be of one of the best investments in the city of Florida.

Designed by the world-renowned architectural firm, Scott and Cormia, Fortune Star by Sternon Real Estate Group is a creation of perfection. Every material applied is of quality and each corner is constructed with accuracy. Every building is made to accommodate the requirements of diverse individuals and families. With a total 550 well-made apartments, Fortune Star is the tallest property in the area which gives its residents a 360-degree view of Disney World. The 3 phases of Fortune Star are one of a kind with picturesque views of Disney World and its attractions. By providing spacious living with topnotch facilities, Fortune Star magnificently combines an active lifestyle with a relaxed living environment.

Being part of Disney World is a definite advantage but securing the lives of people through a Green Card is a privilege which should not be missed. Fortune Star is a key that unlocks one’s dream to live in a place where the future is bright and life is beautiful. All nationalities from different walks of life are eligible of acquiring a Green Card when they invest in the Fortune Star. Providing a number of community perks, latest solutions and excellent facilities, Fortune Star by Sternon Real Estate group provides luxury with security. As a perfect match to Disney World, Fortune Star offers every individual an opportunity of having their own “happily ever after.”


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