Be a Part of the $150 million Project by Sternon Real Estate Group & Scott + Cormia

Be a Part of the $150 million Project by Sternon Real Estate Group & Scott + Cormia

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Led by culture of excellence, Sternon Real Estate Group has proliferated its operations and enhanced its divisions worldwide to provide its clients with the best contracting services. As a progressive firm, Sternon Real Estate Group understands that the real estate business is not a solo venture. A great deal of attention, focus and detail is needed to generate a development that is of extraordinary appeal. Vital for the stability of the group is the collaboration with the right partners who are able to deliver projects of superlative value with consistency. Possessing an avid experience in the world of architecture and interior design, Scott + Cormia has been the perfect choice for Sternon Real Estate Group to realize their vision.

Comprised of passionate architects and interior designers, Scott + Cormia persists to be one of the leading global multi-disciplinary design firms in the world. Signifying critical thought, firm leadership, creative design and diverse architectural services, Scott + Cormia have taken each aspect of the project from cost control to project execution into precision. Constructing prominent buildings for the purpose of entertainment, hospitality, commercial, industrial and communal development has made Scott + Cormia a master of architecture and design in the industry. Having the opportunity to create a number of mixed-use and multi-family properties, Scott + Cormia, naturally recognize the relation between function and structure. To name just a few of their developments in Florida, Scott + Cormia have created the renowned:

  • Hyatt Place
  • City Center
  • Eleve 61
  • Star Flyer
  • Urbana
  • The Green
  • Airport Acres
  • Magic Village
  • Bahama Bay Resort & Spa
  • Douglas Grand
  • Downtown Baldwin Park
  • Grand Central

Based on the project scope, Sternon Group has been working with Scott + Cormia to efficiently deliver effective turn-key results. With their business acumen and schematic approaches, both organization are very well-known for their diverse work in the international sphere.  Built on the principles of vision and innovation, Scott + Cormia together with Sternon Real Estate Group are proud of creating properties that exceed the expectations of the clients. As a joined force, Sternon Real Estate Group and Scott + Cormia have become pivotal leaders ahead of their time. They share the same objective of delivering excellence without compromising on quality. Uniting real estate development with architectural design, Sternon Real Estate Group and Scott + Cormia have become the pioneering force in their respected industry which have created the latest prospects for their developments.


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